Pilgrim Project alumni hail from over ten different countries, have attended more than twenty-five of the world's best universities and graduate schools, and speak over eight languages.  And we are only just beginning!  Pilgrim Projects reveal the universality of the Christian church as young people from different walks of life share in fellowship, faith, fun, and the body of Christ.  The Pilgrim Project makes a deliberate effort to keep its alumni network in close touch, and prayer groups and frequent alumni events enable pilgrims to experience and reflect on the fruits of pilgrimage even when they've returned home.

Pilgrim Project alumni benefit from:

  • continued spiritual direction
  • local networking events and "mini-pilgrimage" reunions
  • opportunities to volunteer and mentor youth on future pilgrimages
  • prayer groups and book clubs
  • frequent community service activities
  • career counseling and professional development assistance

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