Who We Are

We are an international network of young adults dedicated to making Christian pilgrimage a way of life. Founded in 2015 by young professionals for young professionals, the Pilgrim Project is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit based in Washington, DC, and Delaware (USA).

We passionately believe in the power of pilgrimage as a means to encounter Jesus Christ in a transformative way. Whether searching for answers to life’s most essential questions or striving for a deeper faith, pilgrimage brings to life the rich dimensions of Christ and his Church in the world today. Our mission is to provide the gift of encounter for the next generation of Christian disciples.


Each Pilgrim Project pilgrimage is intentionally designed to include a mix of religious, historical, cultural elements, allowing for engaging group discussions, spiritual direction, service, fellowship, and memorable fun.

To date, the Pilgrim Project has enabled over 90 young adults from six countries to experience pilgrimages around the world. This includes travels to Rome, Italy; Jerusalem, Israel; Krakow, Poland; Fatima, Portugal; Camino de Santiago, Spain; London, England; and Calcutta, India.

We are building on this momentum, aiming to reach even more young adults and expanding these pilgrimage offerings to new include pilgrimage destinations throughout Europe, North America, and Central America.